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A Few Sparkles Left!

A few sparkles left!

Are you still sparkling after the New Year?

Don’t let anyone dull your shine!

Shimmy ‘n’ shake into the twenties like a true retro-chic goddess (or god!)

So you’re cleaning the living room and notice those few sparkles of glitter STILL in the carpet… will they ever go!? Do you want them to?  I mean, these tiny pieces of glitter are there to remind you that just because the party season is over, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop dazzling everyone. Think about it, you get to choose whether party season is an annual thing or a year-long adventure.

Next time you see those tiny joyous pieces of glitter, remember you can sparkle ANY TIME. ANY PLACE. ANY WHERE! Why? Because you’re a god-damn unicorn princess and you RULE. You got this.

Does your website echo your attitude though? I mean, we’re all boss babes (and boss boys) at the end of the day, but are you truly representing your brand? Does your website sparkle just as much as you?

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Tip for the week: If in doubt, bring cake. Always bring cake. The more sprinkles the better. Cake makes it alllllllll better. 

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