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Hashtag is all about empowering people, enabling them to discover their magical inner design geek, and helping them to shine everyday through creating totally awesome websites!

In a nutshell, Hashtag want to change the status quo of website design through demystifying the process, improving accessibility, driving creativity, delivering astounding value for money, and proudly positioning women at the forefront of the industry. Jade outrageously pushes and disrupts the formal boundaries of business without ever overstepping. Jade makes website design fun and accessible to everyone, and dares to

talk to you like a human being (jargon-free baby!). You, as the client, are involved in the process every step of the way.
She is a science nerd; a book lover; a dino enthusiast; a perpetual polymath; a star gazer; a soulful rebel; an emotion-centred realist; a tea addict; a chocolate devotee; an avid red wine taster; a love maker; a creative spirit; and unapologetically WILD.

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