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After The Love Has Gone

After the love has gone

Keep the spark alive

Don’t let the love fizzle…

You got this. Love your brand, love your website.

It’s easy to forget about your website, neglect it and just expect it to be there and do it’s job day in, day out. The thing is, you need to update it regularly, with good, wholesome content that your audience will read and engage with.

Integrating social media is a great way to keep your website updating with new content. Why is this so important? Because if you don’t change your site, Google (and other search engines) will stop indexing your website if it is stagnant – which means you’ll drop in the Google rankings.

Your website is your online business card, your hub, your brand. We know we go on about it (it’s kinda what we do here) but it’s important. Get new content on your site and keep the love alive.

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