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Bridgewater Cruises: Website Amendments

Bridgewater Cruises: Website Amendments

Website Amendments

Bridgewater Cruises

We have worked with Bridgewater Cruises on their website amendments for some time now and we’re really enjoying watching them grow and flourish as they expand their business. We wanted to help them out with their existing website as it wasn’t quite doing them justice.

Their website was built using Vistaprint – a platform we’ve never worked with before. It’s a great platform although not so simple to use. It’s by no means difficult, but a little website experience goes a long way!

We helped them structure the website so it was user-friendly, easy to navigate and easy to read.

Making the homepage look inviting and more image driven was a key aspect to the amendments. The boat is a fantastic ‘prop’, in so many words, and it is by far the biggest selling point of the whole thing. Showing it off was a crucial focal point for us.

Creating more links to internal pages was a major requirement too. Google loves internal links. It loves links to external sources as well so we tried to incorporate as much of that as possible.

We rejigged the testimonials around to showcase the best comments (obviously) but as Facebook and Tripadvisor reviews are highly rates, it sells itself on that alone.

They have just launched a new business – a holiday boat, so we created a page within the website so that customers can check the availability of the boat and book online to hire it. Fees and terms are also included on the page too.

We are delighted that Bridgewater Cruises have asked us to design the leaflets for their holiday boat! We especially enjoyed creating the leaflets for Francis Egerton.


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