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It’s more than just a website. It’s your business, brand, storefront, social gathering place — the centre of all the amazing things you’re bringing to the world — and it deserves total protection with an SSL Certificate, Website Security and Website Backup. That’s the simplest way to stay safe on the wild, wild web.


Stop malware pronto

Malware, hacks, unexpected downtime and worse…but the good news is that all of these can be avoided. Website Security runs daily scans for malicious activity, alerts you when something (or someone) is attempting to mess with your stuff and removes the security threats from your site.


Stay safe online

When visitors type a URL or follow a link to a secure website that doesn’t have an SSL, that site is immediately flagged as “Not Secure”. But when you have an SSL certificate, any potential “Not Secure” warning goes away – for as long as you have the SSL certificate. And that’s a good thing.


Never lose a thing

When servers crash and security threats happen, you need a reset button. Website Backup lets you set up automatic backups of your site so you’ve got a secure version whenever you need it. After all, the most effective way to keep your site protected is by being proactive. Avoid being reactive at all costs.

Website Security

Protect your site and keep customers safe


Fix my hacked site now
Expedited malware removal + ongoing protection

As low as
£291.05 per year

✔ Protect one site

30-minute response time

Unlimited malware removal

Blacklist monitoring & removal*

WAF malware prevention**

CDN performance accelerator***


Proactively secure your site
Malware scan and removal + ongoing protection

As low as
£256.92 per year

Protection for unlimited pages within a single website

12-hour response time

Unlimited malware removal

Blacklist monitoring & removal*

WAF malware prevention**

CDN performance accelerator***

Multiple site protection available


Detect and remove malware
Malware scan and removal from your site

As low as
£90.60 per year

✔ Protection for unlimited pages within a single website

12-hour response time

Unlimited malware removal

Blacklist monitoring & removal*

Multiple site protection available

What is Website Security?

Website security protects a website and its data from hackers, malware and other online security threats. Most site owners aren’t aware of all these different threats, but we are — and we protect your site against each one of them and more

Malware scanning and removal

We scan your site on a daily basis for malicious content that could put your site, your customers and your valuable resources at risk.

Google blacklist monitoring and removal

If your site is compromised and blacklisted by Google, we notify you of the problem and work to get your site cleaned up and removed from Google’s blacklist.

Web Application Firewall prevention (WAF)*

Stop malware before it gets a chance to mess with your site. Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) intercepts and inspects incoming data and removes malicious code, preventing damage from being done to your site (and your business).

Content Delivery Network performance boost (CDN)*

Improve your site’s load time by up to 50%. Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) stores your content on multiple servers around the world, so it’s always close to your visitors.

Distributed Denial of Service prevention (DDoS)*

This attack can bring down your site by overwhelming it with a flood of automated traffic. And every minute your site’s down, you’re losing customers and sales. Our advanced security monitoring and Web Application Firewall (WAF) prevent this type of attack.

Brute force prevention*

This is where an application cycles through every possible password combination until it finds the one that works. From there, hackers can access your system, steal sensitive data and do pretty much whatever they want.

Injection prevention*

With injection flaws, a hacker sends malicious data as part of a command or query that tricks your site into doing something it shouldn’t, such as giving the hacker your entire customer database.

Cross–site scripting prevention*

Commonly abbreviated as XSS, this attack sends user-supplied data to a web browser without validating it first. Hackers use these flaws to hijack users away from your site or deface it, causing you to lose business.

Zero day prevention*

This is an attack that’s launched as soon as a new vulnerability is discovered and before there’s a patch available to fix it. While these are impossible to predict, our WAF will virtually patch your site within moments of a Zero Day attack being disclosed.

*Not included in Essential Plan

Included in every Website Security plan:

Protection for unlimited pages within a single website

Security analysts for advanced issues

Advanced security monitoring

Google blacklist monitoring and removal

Brand reputation monitoring

Unlimited malware removal and hack repair

Trusted site seal

100% clean site – guaranteed

30-day money back guarantee

Compatible with most CMS and custom-coded sites

Advanced protection and speed boost. (Deluxe, Ultimate and Express)

CDN performance accelerator and Advanced DDoS mitigation. (Deluxe, Ultimate, and Express)


Our Website Security scanner checks your website at predetermined intervals for malware, blacklists and uptime so you don’t have to. If we find any problems, we’ll send you an alert to let you know the best course of action. If malware is found on your site, all you’ll need to do is submit a removal request and our expert team will get to work on fixing the problem. Not only does Website Security monitoring protect you and your customers, but it also protects your website’s rankings by checking a variety of different blacklists and notifying you if you’ve been placed on one.

If your website’s been hacked and you need to fix it ASAP, you need the Express plan — with this plan, malware scanning starts immediately. After the product is activated, you’ll need to submit a removal request from the Website Security dashboard. Once we receive the request, we’ll respond within 30 minutes and get to work on diagnosing and cleaning up your site 100%, guaranteed. We’ll also submit a request to Google on your behalf to re-index your site and remove it from any blacklists.

Yes. Our goal is to make the internet a safe place for everyone. We’re able to work with CMS-hosted sites (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.) or a custom-coded site (HTML, PHP, ASP etc.) regardless of your hosting company.

Website Security scans your website every day. Depending on your plan, you can choose from a 30-minute, 12-hour or once-a-day security monitoring and scan frequency. If any malware is found, you’ll be notified immediately.

Website Security backs up any files that are modified during the cleanup process. These files are retained for a brief period of time.

Definitely. An SSL encrypts data being transmitted to and from your website — it doesn’t protect your website from other vulnerabilities, such as malware, SQL injections or DDoS attacks. By utilising both an SSL and Website Security, you’re using a complete security suite to protect your website, your customers and their data.

A WAF is a cloud-based firewall service that screens and protects your real-time website traffic from threats such as SQL injection attacks and comment spammers, while also thwarting DDoS attacks. WAF only takes a few minutes to set up and is the front-line defence for your website in between Website Security scans.

A CDN is a network of servers around the world that deploy dynamic and static caching so that all content will render fast and reliably. This means when someone in Japan visits your website hosted in the United States, it’ll load just as fast as a website hosted in Japan.

*Google will blacklist sites that could be considered dangerous to visitors, which makes it nearly impossible for people to find you. We identify and resolve any blacklisting issues, so there’s no interruption to your business.

**As opposed to simply scanning for malware that may have already infected your site, our Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides around-the-clock, proactive protection to block malware from ever reaching your website.

***Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) stores your content on multiple servers around the world, which means visitors connect to servers that are physically closer to them. This speeds up your website’s performance by at least 50%.

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