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LEAPing Out Of February Like…

LEAPing out of February like…

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Spring is round the corner

You know what that means…

Spring cleaning is a favourite thing for lots of people to do. We often associate it with the home – cleaning your wardrobe out, getting rid of unwanted nick-nacks and whats-its. In 2020, we get an extra day to do all these crazy things.

Have you considered spring-cleaning your website?

Sounds silly right? Well, sometimes our business models change, we evolve, grow and develop (as a business should) which means that we need to sometimes go over the content on our website to make sure it’s still relevant to the brand and what we represent.

Not only that, we also need to think about whether or not we replenish the now-outdated content with something new. Perhaps a client can provide a new testimonial for you? Whatever it is, make sure you use this extra day to be extra-ordinary!

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