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Mode Beauty And Hair Training: Branding

Mode Beauty and Hair Training: Branding


who is/are the brand we’re working with

Mode Beauty and Hair Training


let’s talk about the project

Mode Beauty and Hair is a company based on Wirral who approached us for a logo and website.

Having no website in place we quickly established that they would need a new logo to represent their new venture. We needed to create something that would compliment the existing brand but also be unique.

The client was exceptionally open to ideas. They specified that we would need to keep the colours the same as current brand, but add a twist to it. As it is a training academy, we were advised to use a graduation hat or something to that nature. We were able to come up with the girl silhouette and a graduation hat. Placing the image in the ‘O’ of MODE made all the difference to the logo and brand. Almost like a cameo.

We absolutely adore it. Simple, yet very effective.

We do branding in Liverpool, Wirral and Merseyside so contact us for a quote. You can view other branding designs we have done here >>>


we want to achieve the goals we set

12th April 2019


the brand and design of your company, online.

none – for now! #watchthisspace


what we did. the whole she-bang.

Mode Beauty and Hair Training Logo and Branding

Mode Beauty and Hair Training Logo and Branding

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