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New Year, New Website!

New year, new website!

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Welcome to 2020! It’s a totally new year and definitely time for a new website!

This is the perfect time to rebrand, revamp and rebuild what you made in 2019.

It’s a chance to reflect on what you’ve done and make your website match your brand, what you represent and most importantly, what you want to say.

new year, new website with Hashtag Website Designs

new year, new website with Hashtag Website Designs

Most people don’t know what they want their new website to say, and that’s OK. That’s our job!

We can help you present yourself in a way that highlights all the best features about you and your business. We work with you, we talk about your likes and dislikes, eat a lot of cake and have copious amounts of coffee to get to the bottom of what it is you want out of your brand new website.

You will hear so many mixed messages from outside influences e.g. family, friends and associates, but the truth is, you need to do what is right for YOU! How many times have you taken someone elses advice and realised if you’d have done it your way – the way your gut was telling you – you’d have achieved the end result much sooner. Take it from someone who knows…  regarding your new website, follow your gut (unless you had a takeaway last night, then I’d follow your head…).

So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we’re here to help you! 

Let’s hit these roaring 20’s with a BANG!

Top Tip: If you’re struggling with how to articulate what you want on your website, why not try and give the designer reference websites and point out the things you like/dislike about them. That way, the designer can form a design brief for you, without you having to sit down and think about it in detail! Simples.

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