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Swift Solve Consulting: Website

Swift Solve Consulting: Website

Swift Solve Consulting

Strategic thinking and business growth with Anne-Marie Swift

She transforms businesses and the people who work in them

Swift Solve Consulting homepage layout

Swift Solve Consulting homepage layout | Hashtag Website Designs, Liverpool Wirral and Merseyside

The website was built using WordPress and Elementor

We were delighted to work with Anne-Marie at Swift Solve Consulting on building and editing her existing website.

Anne-Marie’s website was built using Elementor and WordPress. We were happy to edit the existing site that Anne-Marie had; we worked closely together to make sure that all the information on the website is relevant and concise.

Making the Swift Solve Consulting homepage look inviting and more image driven was a key aspect to the amendments.

Creating more links to internal pages was a major requirement too. Google loves internal links.

We have also incorporated a lot of external links as Anne-Marie uses the Eventbrite platform to host and sell tickets for her workshops.

A little more about our client

Who is Swift Solve Consulting?

My name is Anne-Marie & I am the proud owner and MD of Swift-Solve Consulting and I transform businesses & the people working in them.

I am passionate about strategic thinking & obsessed with helping businesses grow through one to one business building or through solving business challenges via a workshop-based approach.

Having worked at every level of the corporate world from small startups to running international teams for some of the largest organisations in the world I am an award-winning strategist, business mentor, Consultant, Coach & Trainer.

I have run Swift-Solve Consultancy since 2012 working with business leaders and entrepreneurs to help them get connected and to grow themselves and their businesses through mentoring, coaching, training and delivering skills-based workshops.

Swift-Solve Consulting also provides skills-based training for personal development as well as business coaching for new and start up businesses.

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