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Work From Home - Lockdown 2.0 In Liverpool

Work from home: Lockdown 2.0 in Liverpool

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4. Mental Health during the Coronavirus Lockdown
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6. Work from home: Lockdown 2.0 in Liverpool

What does working from home look like for you?
How are you going to keep up the momentum whilst you work from home?

This is such a strange time for us all. Everyone is praying for a relatively normal Christmas with family, but no one can say for certain if that’s going to happen. With all this emotional stress, it’s really difficult to think about work and how we work from home in this ‘new normal’, however, if you throw yourself into it, it can be a welcome distraction.

What does ‘work from home’ mean? Well, here at Hashtag we decided that ‘WORK from home’ means the following:


These are 4 things that got me through Lockdown v1 and are now getting me through Lockdown 2.0.

Today we’re looking at “W” – Workouts. 

It’s important to get your heart rate up, sweat a little and get the blood moving in the body. You need to flush the toxins out from the takeaway and wine at the weekend (can’t kid a kidder)

Exercise is great for mental health too:
➡️ Cardiovascular exercise helps create new brain cells. This enhances brain power and brain activity.
➡️ Exercising increases the production of cells that are responsible for learning and memory
➡️ Exercising increases the number of endorphins that are released into your body and increases productivity.

I’m not talking about you achieving the dream body, or even losing weight: but you need to move for your health.
To stay healthy.
To get through this.

You CAN get through this and you WILL. We all will. TOGETHER. Work from home and keep everyone safe.

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